7 Signs That He Loves You More Than You Know

#5 Keeps His Promises

Promises are not made to be broken. Naturally, you’d expect someone to stay true to their word and do as they say. It’s necessary to observe this quality in the man you want to spend your life with because if he doesn’t, it could lead to even more problems.


#6 He’d Do Anything To Be Near You

You don’t need to be in a fairytale or a romcom movie to experience a love that will sacrifice anything just to be with you. It could be as trivial as just agreeing to go shopping with you. Maybe he’d travel from his business trip just to make it to your anniversary.

#7 Cliché but True

There’s a reason why people who are in love are depicted that way in movies and books. He stutters, he blushes, he goofs off, he stares at you in a cheesy way—yep, that’s it. He’s in love with you.

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Take Time to Realize: 10 Handy Secrets About Girls for Guys

“Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus”–Now, how many times have you rolled your eyes at this and wondered shouldn’t it have been a cliche by now? Yes, there is the apparent estrogen and testosterone bridge that needs to be crossed, but indeed if we take a closer look at it, is it a Herculean task, to understand women? Patriarchal conformity has shaped our thoughts in a manner that sums a woman as an emotionally driven individual, finicky in her stride resulting in unpredictable idiosyncracies! Breaking news guys that is NOT the case at all!