7 Perfect sandal and nailpaint combinations

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So as the heading suggests, today we’re going to talk about the perfect way to flaunt your gorgeous feet in just the right pair of sandal. During summers, we tend to try out different types of footwear. It is the best season where you can flaunt your beautiful feet in different types of footwear. But, at the same time, you need to make sure that your nail color compliments your footwear instead of making it look dull. You need to be aware of just the right nail color that will compliment your feet perfectly. If you are not aware of that yet, you’ve come to the right place. The following points will acquaint you with some of the footwear and nail color combinations which you can try yourself. Read on!

Gladiator sandals with edgy colors

Gladiator sandals are warrior-like, and they make you feel super sexy. They go along with almost every type of outfit and gives you a fashionable edge. To enhance your gladiator look, even more, you can pair your sandals with dark colors like deep red, blacks, browns and dark purple. This will keep your warrior look alive.

 Bling sandals with red nails

Bling sandals can transform any outfit into a dressy one. Have you ever wondered that which nail color suits these type of sandals the best? The answer is bright red! The red color will look the best with those pair of sandals.

The Black and white combo

The signature black sandals always look classy. They go well with each and every outfit. If you pair these sandals with white nail paint, you’ll get a Monochrome look. They look will turn out to be fashionable yet classy.

Timeless Black.

Black is the new black. Black color casts a spell on everyone. The best thing about black nail paint is that you can pair it with any kind of sandals. You’re sure to look elegant.

Colorful nails with colorful sandals

A splash of color is necessary during spring/summers. Colorful strappy sandals are the best way to give a hint of color to your outfit. You can pair your colorful sandals with complementary bright neon or pastel colors. Go for yellow, orange, pinks and see those happy feet adding a touch of glamour to your outfit.

Monochrome trend.

Color-blocking may sure be the latest trend, but the signature monochrome style is not yet out of vogue. You can get the monochrome look by matching the color of your sandals with the color of your toenails. In simple words, pair your white sandals with white nail paint, black sandals with black nail paint and so on.

Magical Metallic sandals.

Metallic sandals look the best with metallic nail color. Bright silver, golden or bronze can be paired with metallic sandals to up your glam quotient. You can rock these at a wedding or a party to look classy and elegant.


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