What Do These 7 Common Symbols In Your Dreams Signify?

Home Invasions

Your home is supposed to be your safest place, your safety cocoon and any invasion of sorts hit very hard, even if it is in a dream. Home invasion dreams symbolise that your privacy is being violated and you feel compromised at your own home.


Birth dreams can be extremely bizarre or exciting depending on where you stand. If you are trying to conceive, it could be extremely comforting and if you are a guy, extremely bizarre. But giving birth does not point to pregnancy but the generation of new ideas. If you have twins, you could be dealing with a creative conflict between two ideas while a premature baby is a little idea.


Sleep Paralysis

If you have been through sleep paralysis, you would know that it is a terrifying experience where feel locked inside your body and you are unable to move, speak or breathe. These are often accompanied with visuals of demons and ghosts sitting on top of you.

Illustrations showing how it feels like when a girl is living all by herself!

Regular sleep paralysis implies that you have a sleeping problem. It also points to serious mental issues health issues that should be dealt with immediately.