7 amazing ways to stay well groomed for work

Best tricks to groom for work-When I think about a working woman, the first thing that comes to my mind is – prim and proper. We, women, have an uncanny ability to stay well groomed always – be at home, party, workplace or any other place. But sometimes, due to various reasons like time constraints, stress, work pressure, etc., we forget to take proper care of ourselves, which might increase our problems and also might make us irritable. Hence, here are a few things that you can do which will solve this…

7 Best tricks to groom for work

1. Moisturised and  manicured fingers

Clean and well manicured or well-kept hands are the first steps to grooming. Moisturising your hands is very necessary. As we all have a habit of washing our hands frequently, it makes our hands dry and look aged. Now nobody likes aged looking, dry and calloused hands. So keep your hands thoroughly moisturised. Apart from that, keeping your fingers manicured or if not manicured, then at least clean and in shape, is also very important. The first impression a person makes of you is how well groomed you are, and fingers and hands are one of the first things that come to the notice of the person you are meeting with.

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7 Best tricks to groom for work

2. Taming the baby hair

The little frizzles of hair present at the starting of our hair, on our forehead, is usually known as baby hair, which need taming. These hairs tend to give a messy kind of a look to a person’s face and hair, hence taking proper measures to tame them is very important.

3. Clean ears and earlobes

Keeping your ears and earlobes clean is very important, as when a person comes to talk to you, apart from your face your ears are the things he or she would notice. So to keep them clean is very necessary at all times, which brings us to our next point.

4. Carry earbuds or swabs always

Keeping a packet of ear buds or swabs handy in your purse or pocket always helps not only in keeping your ears clean, but also you can use it to clean the corners of your eyes or to take care of smudged eye or face makeup. It’s a multi-tasker which should always be available in hand with a person.

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5. Maintain your handbags and footwear

Cleaning and maintaining your handbag or purse and your footwear are very important. When it comes to leather products, buy things such as leather shiner or potion to clean the purse or your footwear. When it comes to your hand bags, cleaning the nooks and corners, and also removing unwanted things so that it doesn’t get cluttered, weekly, is necessary. When it comes to footwear, now that is something you’ll have to keep clean at least every 2nd day, as it gets dirty whenever we wear it and move outside. Just dusting the footwear every 2nd day will keep it clean and neat.

6. Take care of those extras

A strand of wayward hair, or a thread coming out from your clothes give you a messy and haphazard look. Pin up your hair properly, or keeping it in a way that it doesn’t hinder you while you’re working. Also, before leaving home, check your clothes for any wayward threads and if any, cut them off with a scissor,  neatly.

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7. Wear what makes you feel confident and complete

Last but not the least, whatever you wear, whichever way you dress, always wear the one thing that makes you feel confident or complete or perfect. It may be a particular accessory, or a particular perfume – anything. As the saying goes, the most beautiful thing a woman can wear is her confidence.  So keep that in mind, and keep rocking!

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