6 Awesome Tips for Fine and Thin Voluminous Hair

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Here, there’s a list of super easy and amazing ways by which you can add some volume to your thin and fine hair. If you have a short hairstyle, no worries. Fine and thin hair can make the whole appearance of your hair look dull. It can’t hold any curls and it can’t suit every hairstyle in different kinds of weather, as they can result in your hair looking lifeless and deflated. So, go through these useful tips and tricks by which you can make your hair look voluminous.

6 Super Easy Volumizing Tips for Fine,Thin Hair4


1. Go for Layered Cut:

Layered haircut gives the perfect illusion of voluminous hair. While you go for a new haircut, make sure to ask your stylist for a layered cut to result in a heavy and voluminous looking hair. In case you have completely straight hair, layers can give a bold look to flatter a volume of hairs. Add some zing to your hair by those layered cuts, they can do wonders.

6 Super Easy Volumizing Tips for Fine,Thin Hair6

2. Use Shampoo on Daily Basis:

Using shampoo on a daily basis can result in some volume in your hair. Make sure not to go into the temptation of washing your hair every single day because it will have some bad side effects, but if you have fine hair then go for it. Cleaning it off regularly can discard the excess of oil and grease that gathers in your scalp. Hence, you can add some volume to your hair by discarding these unwanted content from your scalp by washing your hair on a regular basis.

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6 Super Easy Volumizing Tips for Fine,Thin Hair2

3. Upside Down Blow-dry:

If you want to add some instant volume to your hair, then dry it off using a blow drier by putting your hair upside down. The flipped hair can add some really needed volume to your hair, it makes your hair look heavier and bold in appearance. It can help change the entire look of your hair.

6 Super Easy Volumizing Tips for Fine,Thin Hair5

4. Sleep with Bun or Braided Hair:

One of the best ways by which you can add volume and texture to your hair is by sleeping with a bun or braided hairstyle when you sleep at night. You will observe a significant change in your hair, as it will dry under natural conditions and results in adding volume to your hair. Tie your hair up with a good rubber band to make sure you don’t end up losing any hair strands when you wake up.

6 Super Easy Volumizing Tips for Fine,Thin Hair1

5. Use of Dry Shampoo:

Dry shampoo can do wonders, it can be used as an alternative solution to make your hair look voluminous and heavy. It helps in soaking up the excess of oil and grease in your hair, by weighing down your hair it gives you a perfect look by adding the extra volume. So, go for a dry shampoo that you like and add some awesome volume to your hair and flaunt it out.

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6 Super Easy Volumizing Tips for Fine,Thin Hair3

6. Regular Trim:

A new haircut can help you by making your hair look voluminous. Experts have said that after a haircut, your hair will go back to looking flat after 6 to 8 weeks, so make sure you make your haircuts scheduled periodically according to that.

6 Super Easy Volumizing Tips for Fine,Thin Hair


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