25 Ways In Which College Differs From High Schools

High schools and colleges are worlds apart when it comes to their cultures. Here is a trip down the memory lane on how your experiences from high school are markedly different than the ones in college.

  1. Skipping Classes

In high school, everyone would be after your life if you skipped classes while in college, no one bothers if you do not attend classes except your lay self who has to pay for every class.

  1. Popularity

In high school, everyone wanted to be popular, knew everyone and tried to find out all the gossip. In college, no one cares about being popular but do care about finding your tribe.

  1. Expensive books

In high school, all the textbooks were free while in college, broke students spend all their money on textbooks which get to be opened only once. Sometimes, never.

  1. Grades

In high school, you need the good grades to get a good college. In college, you study your ass off because it is too expensive to repeat classes.

  1. Parties

In high school, parties meant weekend sleepovers. In college, there is a party to attend every single day. If you are not attending one, you are giving one.

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