21 Illustrations Which Reflect The Disgusting Modern World We Live In.

In this 21st century, people lack values, morals, and ethics. The world might have advanced technologically, but we still lack the basic values like humbleness and humanity. Meet this artist named  Luis Quiles who has exemplified the situation of the modern world. This Spanish artist has made these illustrations showing the ugly side of this modern world that we live in. These illustrations will introduce you to the real miseries of the modern world. They are though controversial, but accurate. These illustrations include double-faced politicians, Obsessions for money and curves and attraction for all the wealth. You’ll be filled with disgust after seeing these.

 Have a look at these illustrations and be filled with disgust.

1. Learn how to save yourself.

2. Social media everywhere.


4. Is reading really that sexy?

5.Poker face.

6. The most controversial one of them all.


7. Take a chill pill

8. Not everyone is happy though

9. Some inspiration from the Game Of Thrones.

10. I see the pain in her eyes.

11. This is how people want to be famous.

12. A guide to becoming rich

13. The misery of aquatic animals.

14. Maybe this way, the needy will get more attention than the Kardashians.

15. The true religion!

16. Survival of the fittest.

17. Two faced.

18. The Batwoman.

19. A question of self-esteem.

20. Still counting.

21. You have all the rights but only ‘some’ restrictions.


I hope that you understood the hidden meaning that the artist wanted to depict. This is the sad reality of today’s world and even sadder part is that we can’t do anything about it. Share it with your friends and let them also see where our world is going.

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