18 Illustrations with surprising twists that will surely make you laugh.

Anton Gudim’s work perfectly illustrates what it feels like to expect the unexpected. He is a Russian artist who is based in Moscow.He draws short, paneled comics full of visual puns and unexpected twists and turns. For some of these illustrations, you might need to go through them twice.

Gudim’s comic style is pretty simple and neat. His illustrations tell a story without using any words. The illustrator takes inspiration from his surroundings to reach to his illustrations.He said, “I make notes when I see things and then draw it up later,”. “It’s really important to me that the ideas I present and are as simply communicated as possible. I don’t like long comics with lots of speech balloons.”

The situations in the stories have a totally contemporary start: riding on a bus, chilling in the pool. And then takes an unexpected turn. The artist’s unique perspective of the world is conveyed in his work which also provides a fun factor.

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So, let’s have a look at some of the funniest Gudim comics, courtesy of 9gag.

1. Showering during summers is not as easy as it seems.

2.Did you pay for that?

3.Ouch, that hurts!

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