17 pictures which have no explanation.

Whatever activity we opt to do, has some of the other reason attached to it. But, here are some pictures which have no idea why it has been done that way!

1. Couldn’t find a more productive way of using the popcorn tub.

2. This tire is not useless.


3. When the people seem to be least affected by the floods in Sweden.

4. How’s the view from the top, brother?

5. What an intelligent creation, hats off!

6. Mother Earth, please explain.

7. When people want adventure all the time.

8. Let’s appreciate the hard work of the spiders.

9. When weekly markets fail to meet their targets.

10. Hello, Alien-cats.

11. Can’t help but, food is a priority, no matter what!

12. Where did this person vanish?

13. Some quality time with nature.

14. Absurd hair code.

15. Introducing you to the fire tap.

16. What is that bear doing in that sewer?

17. This is extraordinary.

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