17 Beauty Mistakes you need to fix right away!

If you look on the internet, you’ll find an infinite beauty hacks tips and secrets. It’s up to you to follow the one which suits you the best. These hacks make our life easier and are a great way to save our time and energy. Out of all these hacks, it’s difficult to choose the best one but at least give these a try and see the difference.

1.Use a dry shampoo to make your hair oil-free, if you’re too lazy to wash your hair.

2.Repair smudged nail polish using a clear polish.


3.Fix your eyeliner.

4.Get perfectly shaped eyebrows.

5.Dab excess mascara before applying.

6.Blend your lipliner.

7.Make your nails long and strong.

8.Use coconut milk on your hair to strengthen them and improve their quality.

9.Trim your split ends at home.

10. Get high ponytail using bobby pins.

11. Touch up the roots of your hair using eyeshadow.

12. Convert your pencil eyeliner into a gel one by heating it slightly.

13. Get that perfect wing.

2 Easy Methods To Use Rice Water For Your Hair!!

14.Apply concealer in this way to hide dark circles.

15.Always wash your hair using cold water.

16.Let your hair open.

17.Fix a broken nail.