15 Things Guys Are Clueless About When It Comes To Girls

  1. Don’t Forget Her Sexual Side

In the quest of being gentlemanly, do not forget that she also loves sex. So, be sensual and take the lead.

  1. Say No To Passive Aggressive


Nothing gets solved by being passive-aggressive to each other. It is better to have an argument and solve the issue than to make snide remarks to each other.

  1. Being “Too Nice” Is Fake

Anything served in the extreme is no longer appreciated. The same goes with niceness as too much of niceness feels fake.

  1. Self-Respect For Sure

Self-respect is essential if you want to respect someone and what is a relationship without any mutual admiration. So, make sure that getting into a relationship doesn’t turn into sending your self-respect out of the window.

  1. Satisfy Her In Bed

Last but not the least, the sexual side of the relationship is essential too. Make sure that your chemistry remains sizzling between the sheets too.

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