15 Things Guys Are Clueless About When It Comes To Girls

  1. Learn To Message

No one is asking you to spend each day, every day together with your girl. Life is busy and can get in the way of romance. But do not forget to message her to let her know that she is on your mind.

  1. Talking About Your Mother


Girls do judge you based on how you talk to your mother and how you speak about her and if you complain a bit too much about our mom, be sure that your girl will remember that.

  1. Respecting Your Mother

Girls keep a note of how you treat your mother as it speaks volumes about your behaviour in future with them.

  1. Being a Player is A-OK

If you have a reputation for being a player, it is okay as long as you have been honest about it to your girl.

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In the starting phase of dating, it is very important to discuss whether you are going to continue seeing other people or if you are going to be exclusive.

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