15 Signs showing that your man’s done with you!

People have a hard time overcoming their breakup. And when it’s a sudden and unexpected one, then it is all the more difficult. But nothing happens in the blink of an eye. If your man is thinking about breaking up with you, he’s probably been thinking about it for a long time. He may be giving you signs which you are ignoring. We are here to help you see those signs and be prepared for the worst well in advance.

Have a look at these sure signs which indicate that your man is going to break up with you anytime soon.

1. He has started to pinpoint your flaws. All those things which he used to find adorable no longer interests him. He has started feeling that you’re childish.

2. He has started convincing you that you both are totally different and that your values and beliefs differ from each other.


3. You are the reason for his stress. And you have started feeling that you’re a burden to him.

4. He tells you that he no longer feels that spark and you can’t do anything to change that.

5. He no longer feels insecure when other guys flirt or talk with you.

6. He makes some or the other excuse when you ask him to go out with you. He no longer talks about your future together.

7. He’s not interested in meeting you. He has become nonexistent for you.

8. His texting pattern has changed. He replies to your long paragraphs in just one or two words.

9. You are not aware about what your man is thinking.

10. He doesn’t help you with your work anymore. He, in fact, tells you to be independent and not depend on him for your day to day activities.

11. He has stopped complimenting you and doesn’t notice little details about you.

12. He always tells you that he is not good enough for you and you deserve someone better than you.

13. He tells you that you both are better as friends only.

14. He no longer wants to hear about the little details of how your day was. If you start telling him about it, he gets pissed off.

15. You’ll start finding his reasons and excuses lame.


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