15 Must Try French Manicures!

There is nothing extraordinary in walking into a salon and asking for a French manicure. The style has been around for a while now, but it never goes out of fashion and is still one of the most popular looks for anyone looking for a timeless, classic. It is a canvas for one’s creativity and has inspired many modern nail enthusiasts and sparked various unique twists. We have some of the pretty and classic designs that you can show off!

1. Matte V

Try different tip shapes and polish textures to get a unique look.

2. Play with geometry

combine two bold colors into a geometric-inspired design

3. Sparkle

Add some glitter to your nails for a magical manicure.

4. Bejeweled

A colorful palette is perfectly complemented with pretty jewel accents.

5. Heart

Splash of the heart can take your French mani to the next level!


6. Simple is Classy

Even simple designs can make you stand out! Change the shape and size of a traditional tip can make a massive difference to your manicure.
Get trendy nail art using toothpick!!

7. Bold

Loved this navy look. It’s so dramatic!

8. Ombré Tips

This is a test of your skills. You will take some time to master it.

9. Waves

This isn’t hard to create and unique French manicure that makes a statement. 

10. Geometric and Glitter

It is perfect for a sophisticated evening out on the town! You can create this design with black polish and some glitter.

11. Vanilla

 Play with white color and combine funky colors and a unique accent nail to create the ultimate spin on a French manicure.

12. Hearts

This manicure is definitely for a romantic person. It is perfect for Valentine’s day!

13. Pearl

Add some pearls to get a timeless and classy look. Choose pastel colors for the nail polish to complement with pearls. 

14. Grey Ombré

Grey ombre is a popular ombré trend. It gives a subtle look to your nails.

15. Ruffian

You won’t be able to take your eyes off this classic French manicure.

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