14 Perfect Pictures No One Can Beat

Pictures that no one can beat-Photography is an art. But, at times this art can be hilarious too! The arrival of highly-equipped cameras has widened the scope of having amazing pictures within a second. Internet, itself provides you with a plethora of images.

 Pictures that no one can beat

1. The hawk sky-trails

14 Pictures that no one can beat

The sky is one of the best things nature can offer us. It covers us to endless limits. However, when a force more significant than that appears, it displaces the sky creating trails. The picture seems to give a view that the hawk had created these trails.

2. Pegion and the man

Often birds are afraid of men and fly towards the sky as a man approaches it. However, this bird is brave enough to land on this man who is sitting under the sun with a newspaper in his hands. The bird is this man’s best friend, it seems.

3. Those wings like a party mask

It looks like the woman at the back of this adorable butterfly which has opened up her wings so beautifully is an opportunist as she manages to click a perfect picture making it look as if she is wearing her wings as a mask on her eyes

4. The lightening saga

Lightning is another major beautiful yet dangerous thing offered by nature. That one strike is so electrifying that it can burn the entire area if it strikes. However, since it lasts for only a few seconds, it is challenging to capture it. But, this picture of the statue of liberty is captured right in all the senses of the word.

5. Boredom timed right

Of course, the dog was not forced to pose for the picture, not the image has been photoshopped. It’s just a play of right timing. The dog’s yawn was so accurately timed that it gave a perfect picture at the end.

6. The horse-selfie

Who does not like horses? They are so elegant with majestic walk and enormous size and power. We all enjoy taking a picture with them but this woman did the right thing by going at the back of the horse and, there is nothing more to say after watching the pic.

7.  The jellyfish-boy or jelly-boy

His parents took a picture immediately after pouring a bucket of water on him making it look just like jelly fish hybrid in every possible sense.

8. The bird’s eye view explained right

This man placed a bird in front of one of his eyes giving it a look as if it’s his eye only. Smart game- must say!

9. Dogs can grow that long, too!

Probably there are two dogs in the scenario. Otherwise, I wonder if dogs can grow to such a great length.

10. The boy-girl mismatch

The image of the girl’s legs and the half body of the boy makes it look as if it’s the body of that man only who is standing behind the mirror. Amazing picture, tho.

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Some Instances Of What We See v/s What Kids See

11. The water-park bus

The bus depicts a picture of a water-park on it and makes way to a road which is brim with water. The advertisement on the bus coincides well with the water on the road. It seems as if the two people on the bus are enjoying the ride.

12. The stork and the fish capture

This isone of the pictures that no one can beat. While the stork strikes at the water for its prey- the fish, the cameraman smells the opportunity well and captures the picture just before the stork is about to eat its fish.

13. Dragon or dog

The flames rise to such an extent that it looks like the dog is breathing the fire and has burned the wood.

14. Fish and the diver

The picture is so aptly photobombed by the curious looking fish that it covers the face of the diver nicely and the timing is also incredible that makes it look like the diver has acquired the front of a fish.

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