12 Awesome Tips and Tricks to Take Your Ponytail Game a Level Higher

Awesome ponytail styles-A ponytail is the ultimate choice of hairstyle for any girl, irrespective of age, it’s the perfect hairdo to go with any casual day or a formal day. At times, a simple ponytail can become boring, so let’s try and add a little bit of fun to the age-old ponytail, try these awesome ponytail styles that you will fall in love with.

Awesome ponytail styles you should try

Here are some simple and easy tips and tricks which you can your ponytail game, stand out with these unique styles:


1. Try a Knot Pony:


Knot Pony is a leading trend these days, it appears just like a normal pony but you would just need to put one end of the hair end and then cover it up with an elastic band. This amazing ponytail style gives a very chic appearance.

2. Hair Accessories:


Experiment with some cute and funky hair accessories, like hair extensions and jewelry which are bound to make your hair look great and it also gives a fun twist to that old and boring ponytail look.

3. Braided Ponytail:


If you’re going for a simple ponytail, then try braiding the middle portion of your head then go towards the ponytail. You can choose to go for a loose or tight braid, suiting your hair thickness.

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4. Curl ended ponytail:


Give your ponytail a beautiful curl at the end, all you have to do is just wrap a curler at the lower end of your ponytail. This gives a fun and retro look to your ponytail.

5. Cool Ponytail look:


This style is suited for girls with thick hair, begin by knotting your hair and then proceed towards the ponytail. This look goes with any kind of outfit like if you’re going for a Desi look or Wester. And it looks perfect and cool which will make you stand out!

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6. Loop Pony tail:


This might be a ponytail for summers. To achieve this look, insert the hair end into the rubber band again after finishing up with the ponytail. But don’t pull it out completely and if you possess long hair, then you can go for a double loop as well.

Simple and easy to do hairstyles

7. Dry shampoo:


Dry Shampoo works in many ways, if you want to add some height to your ponytail, then spray some of it to the crown of your hair. It helps by adding some volume to your crown portion.

8. Twisted ponytail:


Give a little twist to that ponytail look. Just twist your ponytail to one side, like you can twist it right from the parting to the hair end. You can use a few pins to keep it in a still position. This looks amazing by being the perfect feminine hairdo that you can get.

9. Side Braids:

If you want a ramp ready look for your hair, then just before the ponytail begins, braid both sides of your hair. You can tighten this look by using some bobby pins. It is sure a popular choice at award shows by celebrities.

10. Fake long ponytail:


If you have short hair and you want to show off a long ponytail, then just try doing about 2-3 ponytails at different lengths of your head and then tie them up altogether! This will give you an elongated look to your ponytail, which will make it look like you have natural volume.

Easy Half bun tutorial

11. The Classy ponytail:


This is a fun look to feature and all you have to do is a number of twists and a few loose braids to secure the ponytail tightly. This hairdo gives you a classy and elegant look to try on!

12. Messy Pony:


If you are a sloth and bad at all the fancy hairdos and you don’t want to comb your hair, then this is for you! Start by teasing up your hair with a rat tail comb to give it a messy look. Tie it up with a rubber band and then use the comb near the rubber band. At last, pull up your hair on both sides to achieve that perfect and amazing messy hair look.

All these hairdos surely look gorgeous to try on sometime, be it a date or a casual outing or a simple day at home look. So, what are your favorites? Try and say!