Even though we tend to spend a lot of time in the kitchen searching for food made with various ingredients, but many of us are unaware of the various ingredients which are more than just ingredients found in the kitchen.

So, let’s enhance our knowledge. Have a look here.

1. Peppermint Scrub


Spices have always been essential for every cuisine. But apart from making the dish palatable, ingredients can also help you enhance your beauty. After grinding peppermint, mix it with water and apply it your face and use it as a facial scrub. Not only it helps in improving blood circulation.

2. Cinnamon and honey masque

Are these blackheads and whiteheads ruining your entire face? Don’t worry. All you need to do is, just make a mask out of these two ingredients, cinnamon and masque and apply it to the trouble spots on your nose.

3. Milk for hair loss

Is hair loss your concern? Just drink a glass of milk and say bye to the problem of hair shredding.

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4. Sunburn panacea

All you need to do is just grind honey, yoghurt and strawberries together and let it stay in the fridge. For best results apply the mixture once in every day for an improvement in the complexion.

5. Sleep on your back

Try sleeping on your back. This ensures proper blood circulation to your face and helps in giving it a lustre and wrinkle-free face.

6. Salt for a pimple

Apply some salt on the pimple. Salt is rich with antibacterial properties which will cause a pimple to dry out and give you a pimple-free face.

7. Homemade lipstick

Prepare a beetroot juice and mix it with faded pink shade. This will emerge new life into your lipstick.

8. Butter for aftershave care

Afraid of shaving because it gives you irritation with red skin? Apply some butter post-shaving. It will help you retain a healthy facial skin.

9. Fight the double chin

Rub your jawline with a cellulite cream rich with caffeine. It will help to flush out the extra fluid accumulated there giving you a glamorous face.

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10. Pepto Bismol Facial

Apply some Pepto Bismol facial on your face and once it dries off, rinse your face with water.