10 deserts that went completely viral within minutes.

Dessert is the perfect conclusion to dinner, lunch or even a party. Not everybody is a chef from birth, but we do try our best to make the perfect dessert. But more often than not, while looking for perfection on the sweet, things go downhill. Today we are going to look into ten instances where people devastatingly failed in their attempts trying to make a perfect dessert.

  1.  Maybe Spongebob is not feeling well.

2. Was that supposed to be a portrait?


3.  Maybe it’s not the season for roses.





4. Rudolf? Seriously?




5. When you know you cant cook, yet try what you can for your dog.



6. Now, who was this supposed to be or more like what it was supposed to be.



7. Heartbroken mermaid


8. Minions ready for a new experiment.


9. Is that supposed to be a human or animal?


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10. Hulk ready to get angry.