Check Out The 10 Bad Habits That You Need To Give Up

Bad habits you need to quit right away. Our parents have taught us to brush our teeth after eating. Moreover, they even taught us not to sit for a long time in front of a computer and to keep our hands in “10 and 2” position while driving. Most of the people understood the reality and had given up these habits a long time ago.

In this article, you will learn which habits we need to give up and which are dangerous for our health.

Here is the list of bad habits you need to give up

1. You clean your years

10 Bad habits you need to quit right away


Our body is a perfect mechanism. In such a way, earwax also performs self-cleaning. Ear wax protects our ears from bacteria, fungus, and insects. You should not clean up your ears with the earbuds otherwise, it slides down. You should clean your ears with a towel after bathing or taking a shower.

2. You need not stand far away from the microwave

Microwaves do not produce actinic rays or radiations like other electronics. This appliance has made for our safety that the radiations it produces dos not leave its bounds. There is no risk if you stay near the turned on microwave.

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3. Do not flush with keeping the toilet lid open

Everyone should flush it off after he or she have done it. However, there is the right way to do it that everyone should know. If you flush with the toilet lid open, then the bacteria gets sprayed 2 meters high. So always flush it off by closing the toilet lid.

4. No need to wash all kinds of food

You do not need to wash all kinds of food like you do not need to wash red meat or bird meat. By washing these, you will not get rid of bacteria instead it will get spread all around the kitchen. You should wash the rest of the food like fruits and vegetables.

5. You clean your nose uncomfortably

You should not clean up your nose in the open areas. The outside bacterias can infect your nostrils. So you should let your nose clean up itself. You can blow your nose carefully and wash it off.

6. To Put limescale in the kettle is very dangerous

Limescale is a sediment of calcium and magnesium carbonate regarding chemistry. A lot of these chemicals are present in the pharmacies. When people have heartburn, they take these. Most of the people put limescale in the kettle because no one consumes it in the significant amount. However, it is dangerous as there by doing this, so many chemicals are present in your water.

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7. You brush your teeth right after eating

Everyone should brush his teeth every day. However, you should not brush your teeth right after eating. There should be a gap of 30-60 minutes in between your meal and brushing. Tooth enamel becomes softer after eating fruits or dairy products. So if you brush your teeth right after eating, it can destroy teeth enamel.

8. Most of us sit by crossing our legs; it’s harmful

Many people thought that sitting with the crossed legs for a long time is the fastest way to develop varicose veins. According to the various studies, this position does not lead to developing varicose veins. So you should not sit in this position for a long time.

9. You work on computers for a long time; it’s harmful your eyes

If you work for a long time on the computer, your eyes get tired. Tiredness is not only the reason for your weak eyesight. There is one term known as “Computer vision syndrome” that consists of dry eyes and pain in the neck and shoulders. You should follow these simple rules to avoid these problems.

  • Use a laptop or a computer with light brightness.
  • Take breaks in between your work.
  • Blink your eyes more to avoid dryness.
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10. You may hold the steering wheel at the “10 and 2” positions

We learn this rule of “10 and 2” in the driving schools. They teach us this rule is perfect to hold the steering wheel. We all believe that this rule will help us to control the car better way in any obstacle. However, this is the wrong way to hold the steering wheel. According to the experts, the position of “9 and 3” will helps us even to turn at high speed. Moreover, also this keeps your hands away from the airbags which prevent you from major injuries.


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