10 Amazing makeup and beauty hacks!!

Hello beautiful Girls!

I Hope that you all are doing good. Maintaining your beauty and doing your makeup can be at times difficult. That’s because it requires a proper know-how and expert knowledge to do that. Many of us lack that know-how and knowledge. But if you know some of the super easy tricks, you’ll not require any of that technical knowledge. Surprising, isn’t it? Here I have compiled a list of 10 life-saving beauty and makeup hacks. You can easily try out these hacks, and you will not require any extra effort. These hacks will only save your time and energy.

If you face difficulty in doing your makeup, make sure to use these tips in your day to day life. You’ll soon see yourself turning into a beauty expert! So, without wasting any further time, let me acquaint you with those magical tips that will make your life much more easier.

1. Revive your Mascara:

It is advised that you dispose of the mascara after three months of opening the seal. But, during these three months, if you ever find your mascara drying out or if you feel you are not getting the maximum product build up, then you may use this trick. Heat some water to boiling point, take the water in a bowl and place your mascara into this bowl. Wait for about 5-10 minutes. When you take out the mascara, it will be as good as a new one!

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2. Using Fake Lashes:

If you are one of those girls, who struggles while applying fake lashes, This tip will help you out! Place your mirror on a table and look down at the mirror. This will give you a better visibility while you place your lashes in the desired position. And you can also use the same trick to apply eyeliner if you have trouble doing it looking straight in the mirror. Always make it a habit to look downwards while doing eye makeup. This will make it easier for you to do that and will also prevent your makeup from smudging.

3. Loose Curls Vs Tight Curls:

Voluminous and gorgeous curls are women’s all time favorite! Are you aware of the fact that how you hold the curling wand while you curl your hair can actually have an impact on the end-result? You can hold the wand to suit your needs. For instance, If you want loose or wavy curls, then hold the curling wand horizontally (perpendicularly to your body) and curl your hair around it. And if you want tight curls, then hold the wand vertically (parallel to your body) and curl your hair around it. You will definitely see what difference it makes to your curls!

4. Fix a Broken Lipstick:

If you just broke your favorite lipstick, you don’t need to panic!Trust me; you can still fix it. Just place it back into the tube, with the entire bullet standing out of the tube. Now it is time to heat it up slightly. You can do that by using a lighter and holding it around the exact point where the bullet broke off. Hold the flame around the area for a minute. Don’t bring it too close to the lipstick. Keep it at a considerable distance. Then, Leave the bullet to set for a few minutes and your lipstick will be in one piece again!

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5. Shaving Foam for Foundation Stain:

It is very easy to get rid of the foundation stain on your clothes. Here’s what you have to do. Apply some shaving foam over the stained area and then wash it into the washing machine. Your garment will be as good as a new one.

6. For Instant Hair Volume:

There is a pro tip to add some instant volume to your hair. Reverse your hair wash routine. Apply conditioner to your hair first, leave it on for 5 minutes and then go in directly with your shampoo. After you’re done shampooing, rinse off your hair with normal water. This will give a great volume to your hair.

7. Blow-Dry for Volume:

Another technique to add a lot of volume to your hair is by using a hair-dryer on hair flipped over upside down. This will add a lot of volume to your hair and will instantly boost your hair.

8. Stained Mascara:

However carefully we apply our mascara, we tend to accidentally stain the area around our eyes with mascara while coating our lashes.Dabbing it off immediately will mess it up even more. So, it is better to just wait for a few seconds and let it dry up on your skin. Once dry, you can easily scrap it off using a q-tip. This is a much better way to correct the smudge. It will not lead to any mess on the skin.

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9. Coat lashes with Liner:

If you are not a big fan of mascara, you can even use your eyeliner as your mascara. To use it, simply move the wand parallel to your lashes, as you use the mascara wand. This will add instant volume to your lashes and will make them clump-free instantly.

10. Fix your Dry/Chapped Lips instantly:

If you are facing the problem of dry and chapped lips, use this remedy.Place a used green tea bag (while it is still warm) over your lips and press it against the lips for a few minutes. Keep it in that position for a few minutes.This will instantly fix those chapped and dry lips leaving them hydrated, soft and smooth.

Ladies, that is all for today! I hope these tips were of great help for you. Do try them and let me know how they turned out for you in the comments section!